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Dr. ASHLEY DURANDChiropractor
Dr. Ashley grew up in Eagan, MN before going to Iowa City, IA to attend college at the University of Iowa. She went on to complete her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN. She has since remained in Bloomington, MN with her husband Adam and when not in the office they enjoy being outside and spending time with family and friends. Dr. Ashley has a passion for educating and serving those around her about health and wellness. Dr. Ashley believes there is value in creating a balance in life through an optimal functioning nervous system. She is excited to give back and serve the community that helped make her who she is today!
ADAM DURANDOffice Manager
Adam Durand was born and raised in Apple Valley, Minnesota and met Dr. Ashley while attending Eastview High school. Adam went on to study Finance and Risk Management at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Soon after college, Adam moved back to the twin cities to work and be with Dr. Ashley while she completed her doctoral degree. Since then, Adam has learned a wealth of knowledge about chiropractic and how it helps people live a more natural, drug-free life. Adam has struggled with allergies, headaches, and heartburn his entire life. Once Adam discovered the benefits of chiropractic, he started seeing a neurologically based chiropractor himself. Through weekly adjustments he saw his symptoms disappear and his overall health dramatically improve. Adam is so grateful to be a part of Harmony Health Chiropractic and cannot wait to offer hope and healing to his community through neurologically-based chiropractic care.
SHERYL PEARSONChiropractic Assistant
Sheryl lives in Eagan with her husband Sean. She grew up in the area and is eager to serve the community she grew up in. Sheryl graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth and has worked in a variety of roles and types of organizations.
She is excited to be working in the healthcare field as a part of the Harmony Health Chiropractic team. Sheryl has been blessed with the opportunity to be the wellness champion for an organization where she promoted healthy choices. She loves that Harmony Health Chiropractic is committed to providing quality care and education to practice members and is constantly working towards improving the lives of others. It is wonderful to see patients achieving their individual goals.

Why Chiropractic

The human body is designed to be self-healing and self-regulating. The nervous system controls every organ system and function in the body including being responsible for all self-regulating and self-healing properties. The spinal cord, running through the spine is the vital connection between the nervous system and the body. When the spine and nervous system are functioning optimally, optimal health is achievable.

Over the years, American society has developed a reliance on how we are feeling to determine health. When we don’t feel well, we go to the doctor and frequently leave with medication. This is important in the right situation but may not need to be the first place we turn when we are not feeling well. Usually, medication works by preventing symptoms but does not correct the problem that caused the symptoms in the first place.

At Harmony Health Chiropractic, we use a detailed analysis to find dysfunction in the body so we can correct it at the source. Once corrected, your body has the proper tools to adapt and heal over time without the need for drugs and surgery.

Harmony Health Chiropractic Values

We at Harmony Health Chiropractic, are on a mission to educate all generations to promote harmony in life through health and wellness. Our focus on education aims to empower everyone to take control and make the best decisions regarding their healthcare needs.

At Harmony Health Chiropractic, we envision a community in which healthcare is focused on proactive, preventative care. We want all people living a life they deserve free from the limitations from health concerns and illness. The people we serve will truly experience harmony in their lives. We want to raise a new generation that focuses on holistic healthcare moving people away from unnecessary drugs and surgery.

  • Value our role as primary health care providers centered on vertebral subluxations and overall nervous system function.
  • Provide sound, up-to-date health care advice and service to our practice members through chiropractic adjustments, dietary and lifestyle education.
  • Explain our procedures, our philosophy, and our fees in advance.
  • Answer our patients’ health questions and address any concerns they may have.

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