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Digestive Issues

Hannah grew up with major digestive issues and thought she had tried all options for getting help and experiencing health. She constantly had issues with constipation, diarrhea, and severe stomach cramps. It was more common for her to have a stomach ache than it was for her to feel good. She spent many years seeing different doctors, trying different diets, avoiding certain foods and never found relief. After exhausting all other options Hannah was desperate and didn’t  know what else to do, so decided that she would try chiropractic care. Before starting care, she didn’t understand how chiropractic care could help with stomach and digestive issues but she gave it a try. Hannah was blown away by the education in the office and left her first visit feeling hopeful and excited. After consistent care, she was free of stomach cramps, her digestive system regulated, and she has since been able to eat foods that she had been avoiding for quite some time. Hannah no longer has to be picky with the foods she eats and she is able to enjoy life to the fullest since she has eliminated stomach aches.

“I am so thankful for chiropractic care! It has made such an impact on my life and I am so excited to tell others about it so they can find relief from their conditions as well.”  -Hannah


Mike has been an athlete his entire life. He played both hockey and lacrosse in his high school years. During his freshman year, he broke both his tibia and fibula while playing lacrosse. While recovering, he was required to keep his leg elevated for a couple months to reduce the swelling and encourage healing. He underwent surgery, casting and some rehabilitation therapy when the cast was removed. Once Mike had recovered, his mother noticed that he always appeared to be standing with his weight shifted to one side. Once returning to normal activities and exercise, Mike noticed that his ankles and knees were frequently irritated and uncomfortable. After trying to cope with the imbalances in his body for a couple months, Mike sought chiropractic care. When he stood up from the adjusting table after his first adjustment, he immediately noticed the difference in his posture. His hips were level and there was much less pressure on his ankles and knees. Through consistent chiropractic care Mike is able to maintain balance and use his body much more efficiently. He continues to rely on Dr. Ashley’s wellness care plan to maintain function and improve his overall athletic ability. Mike now enjoys pain free daily workouts consisting of a wide range of sports and activities.

“I am so glad I have continued on a wellness plan with Dr. Ashley at Harmony Health Chiropractic to keep my body feeling good and functioning the way it should!”    – Mike

Sleep Apnea

As Ethan was going to college, he found himself getting more fatigued as he progressed through the day. Sleep apnea runs in his family and he had gained a little weight so he knew a diagnosis of sleep apnea was a possibility given his lethargy and fatigue. He had a sleep study done and found that he did, in fact have sleep apnea and was told to purchase a CPAP device. Ethan thought he was going to have to go through his entire adult life sleeping with a machine. His wife had grown concerned and would often find herself waking up to make sure Ethan was still breathing in the middle of the night. The lack of quality sleep took a toll on both of their lives. When he noticed the toll it was taking, Ethan got serious and sought consistent chiropractic care. He slowly noticed himself getting better sleep. Ethan started trying to sleep without his CPAP and was still waking up refreshed, and when talking to his wife realized that she was sleeping better because he was no longer snoring and she hadn’t noticed him gasping for air. Ethan believes that once his body was functioning at a higher level, the structures surrounding his throat began working properly allowing his airway to stay open while he sleeps.

“I thank chiropractic for allowing me to sleep better and stop snoring, obtaining more energy throughout the day, and allowing my wife peace of mind while she sleeps.”   – Ethan

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